The Best Sunflower Fields in Northern California

I’ve always loved sunflowers. Seeing them reminds me of summertime in Connecticut. I would go every year to the local farms and orchards to pick what was in season and take in their golden glory. Now, I think they’ll remind me of my new home in Napa Valley. I’ve been busy exploring sunflower fields in Northern California before we say goodbye to summer and here are my favorites.

Rudd, Winery – Oakville, California

I first saw this field in early July when it was just beginning to bloom. I have to admit, I pulled a pretty touristy move and made a u-turn on Sivlerado Trail when I saw it driving home one weekend. It was so worth it! It has been fun seeing it explode in color with each passing week. Sunflowers in the middle of grape vines is something you’ll only see in Napa Valley!

Currey Road – Dixon, California

I stumbled upon the famous sunflower fields of Dixon by chance last summer when driving back from Sacramento to Napa. There they were basking in the sunlight off I-80. But, when I returned with my camera a few weeks later, they were sadly dried up and weeping. I’ve been conscious of the sunflower season this year to ensure that wouldn’t happen again. I had to do a little bit of driving along Currey Road in Dixon before I found the perfect field in bloom but it was breathtaking when I did. The fields are irrigated heavily because of the heat so make sure to wear sneakers or rain boots if you want to really explore the flowers.

Muller Ranch – Woodland, California

Just north of Dixon, is Muller Ranch, a farm in Yolo County that grows sunflowers among other crops. Just across the way from their sunflower field is a field of heirloom tomatoes (perfect one stop shop!). I recommend going at sunset when the lighting is soft and the bees are not as busy in the flowers.



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